Message to Myself 18 years old.

Message to Myself



   What would I say to myself 18 years old?


   Stay strong and  never give up. Watch who you let close by. Don’t let any woman to exercise any  form of control over you. Never forgive and never forget.


    In case of traumatic event, abandon and stay away. Destroy undesired aliens on approach. Never give anyone second chance. Fight till you die. Be rough and let anger flow. Don’t fight Anger – enjoy it. Don’t be kind to anyone unless there is material benefit for kindness. Quantify everything, especially relationship with people. Make sure  pay off is greater then potential loss.



     Don’t listen to anyone except the ones you consider wise. Shit on others opinion. Do only what you want to do. Never compromise. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Don’t get involved into any project where benefits cannot offset possible ruin. Use people – especially woman. Woman are only for sex, don’t let em do anything else.  Learn MMA -  be ruthless. Be confident. Never negotiate unless it is business deal.


   Set Goals and follow them.  Remove anyone from your life who is messing with your goals. Don’t regret. Don’t get involved in romantic relationships.


   In stress go for run or go to gym.


   Visualise your greatness , don’t let any fear get in the way.


   If you see someone drowning – let him drown unless you have a chance to cash in on that.



   And remember… you are only finished when you are dead. Untill then…. Fight with all power, ruthlessness and bloodlust.




The First Blog Post.

I understand that it is supposed to be welcome post, greetings & stuff, but I just cannot be bothered to write it. I am just writing all that stuff here to fill in some space. Thanks for your attention!